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Benefits to your business

Reduced Costs

• Smaller offices
• Reduced overhead
• Flexible hours
• Anywhere
• Anytime

Employee Satisfaction

• Reduced sick days
• Less stress
• Flexible work

Improved Productivity

• Less commute
• More work time
• Less distractions
• Focused
• Work when suits

Skilled Employees

• No Boundaries
• Best in the world
• Anywhere
• Anytime

// why choose us

Benefits to your employees

Remote Access Group is the partner of choice for many of leading enterprises, SMEs and technology challengers.

Less Stress

• Zero road rage
• No unproductive meetings
• More time on your work

Better Health

• Reduced sick days
• Less stress
• Flexible work
• Less Exposure general public

Work-Life Balance

• Reduces commute
• Spend more time with family
• Do more of the things you love

Less Commute

• Average travel time is 66 minutes


We provide support across all devices

// our services

We Offer a Wide
Variety of IT Services

Managed IT Services

With our managed IT services platform we provide you with a range of additional value benefits.

Business Continuity

Business continuity planning helps prepare for unexpected events such as epidemics and natural disasters.


We help you manage your data communications networks to meet your specific business requirements.

Business Grade Internet

Internet is essential to every business, our services offer fast and reliable internet 24/7.

Remote Working

With world-leading technology we provide you with a completely personalised remote working solution.

Loads More….

We service all of your IT needs, including hosting, networks, communication and data recovery.